Burda Style - 12 Months | 12 Issues Subscription


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Burda Style - 12 Months | 12 Issues Subscription

All your magazines at the very best price, delivered directly to your door

  • More than 30 sewing models
  • Elegant and sophisticated designs
  • A selection of patterns from sizes 34 to 48 according to the model
  • 2 Illustrated workshops and step-by-step DIY lessons
  • A pattern template of actual size in 4 colors

Elegant and sophisticated designs

Since 1950, Burda Style has been the reference for homemade DIY fashion. Burda Style magazines are recognized worldwide for their expertise and quality for all your sewing projects. Our models are made by professional designers who draw on their passion for fashion to create unique styles for you. Discover every month flattering cuts, trendy designs, tips & tricks, and much more! Printed on recycled or sustainably sourced paper, you can create your own eco-friendly wardrobe. With Burda Style, modernity and timelessness come together to inspire and foster your creativity.

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