Twill Trousers 409 | Burda Curvy 01/23


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  • Twill Trousers 409 | Burda Curvy 01/23
  • PDF pattern available in A4 and A0 format
  • Difficulty : **
  • Sizes : 46, 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60
  • Recommended Fabrics : Softly flowing trousers fabric.
A: Wide cropped trousers are still the trend this season. These feature practical seam pockets and rounded slits at the hem. Nice extra effect: Washing adds tiny fractures to the Lyocell twill, which puts more life into the fabric. B: Just as appealing as a maxi skirt – but these extra-wide trousers are much more practical. The precisely placed darts mean that the trousers fit snugly at the hips and thanks to the flowing viscose and rounded hem slit, drape softly down to the ankles. By the way, this piece is a styling miracle. With loafers or sandals, it’s ready for a shopping or sightseeing trip and with high heels it is the toast of any cocktail or dinner party.
Trousers length 101 cm (39 3/4 in) Hem width approx. 95 cm (37 3/8 in)
Recommanded Fabrics
Softly flowing trousers fabric.
Vlieseline G 785. 1 zip for seams, 22 cm (8 3/4 in) long and special zipper foot...
Original Fabric
A: Twill. B: Viscose.
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