Nature is currently in transfiguration and boasts its gorgeous bouquet of fall colours upon us as we relish the change of pace and season. This month's issue introduces us to the comfort and cosiness so emblematic of knitwear through a miniseries of accessories and smartly knitted jumpers. We then move to the very trendy collection of the season inspired by equestrian attire. It’s a perfect blend of posh chic and athletic acclaim for an exclusively refined look. Serious models brightened with fun and perky colours subsequently steal the spotlight to promote a collection of stylish and cheerful treasures. A retro look for the whole family is ensured thanks to an array of wool pieces emblematic of boho elegance. And how can we not gush over the lovely urban vibe the plus collection is giving off as a result of its soft camel shades and easy plum hues? The it piece of this fall month is a noble nod to classic swank: a checked pencil skirt! And the very lovely and feminine embellished velvet vintage blouse is oh-so 1959; a perfect fit for this month’s retro model of choice.



Knitted Together!

Maille sur maille ! - burda style octobre 2019


Knitting isn’t just for grannies anymore! Known for its power to incite cosiness and style, this lovely practice is in style and embraced by the masses. Cuddle up to these incredibly stunning pieces and learn a thing or two with needle in hand! This collection of Norwegian patterned socks, multicoloured hats, geometric-themed oversized shawls and warm jumpers is comfy and contemporary.


Eternal Equestrian

Intemporelle la cavalière - burda style octobre 2019


So stylish, the equestrian look has been rooted in fashion since the beginning of time. This year it’s back with a new and fresh look. Highlight curves with these great, sharp cuts. Chequered patterns, scarf designs and equestrian styles are prevalent in this line of magnificent blazers, blouses and frocks. Sophistication and sport mark these pieces that borrow from traditional high-class attire for a posh and ladylike air.


Fostering Colour

Hissez haut, la couleur  - burda style octobre 2019


Greys and browns leave way for strikingly beautiful colours that make this collection pop with brightness and joy. Classic cuts made from airy fabrics are fashioned with jaw-dropping shades for an array of fun tops, trousers and dresses. Forever-elegant twill falls perfectly with these cuts to ensure a subtle and soft look that’s fresh and contemporary.


Swooning Over Vintage

Une mode vintage à ravir  - burda style octobre 2019


The whole family is boho rustic with these nostalgically romantic wool pieces. High necklines, lacing, buttoned cuffs, tunic cuts, snap pants: these slightly hipster looks are inspired by the vintage wardrobe of austere airs but modernised through novel features such as jacquard fabric, chequered motifs and herringbone patterns. How can we not wax poetic over these charming retro floral frocks for both mum and daughter?


I Love Autumn

J'aime l'automne - burda style octobre 2019


Trendy but simple, this month’s plus collection of size 44-52 plays with gorgeous camel shades. It’s not hard to spot the key pieces to wear for this cool fall season. Perfect for painting the town red, these models are incredibly charming thanks to a mixture of soft and warm autumnal hues. Ochres and plums are just some of the tones that enhance these fine and feminine blouses, dresses and cardigans. Subtle details to each add just that little extra touch.


Must-Have and Retro Model

Must-have et modèle rétro  - burda style octobre 2019


The must-have of the month is the star of the season! This midi pencil skirt is unique, festive and playful. The stiff chequered fabric is intentionally cut from a number of ways and tied at the waist to make this skirt extra-fabulous and extra-voluminous. As a result of its pretty velvet fabric, the retro model of the month is indeed a most wonderful find. Inspired by the emblematic fashion year of 1959, this darling blouse is sure to once again be all the rage. Delicate embroidered flowers and a tied waist with grosgrain sash make this delicious pattern a most romantic delight.