Our various collections throughout the month of May feature as tradition persists an array of alluringly elegant and chic dresses. The upcoming issue thus presents an exquisite line, merging fresh and airy cuts that highlight soft feminine curves for a subtly romantic look. Linen and cotton are showcased in the forthcoming line through timeless and undoubtedly smart styles. Subsequent swooning ensured with a nostalgically dreamy sundress and always trendy python skirt. An ode to frocks is found in the third collection, showcasing a range of vintage, modern, casual and classic cuts that are fit for home or holiday! Finally, our plus size line is a blend of gorgeous style and comfort, each design a delightful nod to the fashion of the 90's thanks to its pure and playful details.

New Romance

Nouvelle romance - burda style


An alluring and romantic reverie of volcanic sand and dramatic rocky coasts highlights these gorgeous models. Gauzy shades, delicate floral prints and fine embroidery blend together to create ultra-feminine looks that give rise to style, elegance and relaxation.

Natural Beauty

Beauté naturelle  - burda style


Spotlight on this collection of earthy apparel, nothing more delightful for summer! A bucolic composition of linen and cotton in their natural elements of coordinated light and muted colours is the quintessence of an idyllic look. These breezy and minimalist cuts are adorned with buttons carved from wood or fashioned from organic material. Girls will equally benefit from a playful and provincial wardrobe in perfect harmony with nature.


Special frocks!

Spécial robes ! - burda style


Stow away your winter cardigans and heavy jackets to make place for your summer dresses. As always, our May issue presents a range of models for all tastes and styles! The metallic-accented Jacquard is a perfect and precious nod to the 60's with its A-line skirt and playful folds that peek open at the waist. The oh-so-elegant sheath dress is fashioned with a twisted bust, voluptuous cuts and large midsection plaited sash.


Sportswear chic

Sportswear chic - burda style


The plus size line this month is sport chic inspired, bringing to mind a swanky round on the greens. Trend and elegance ensured through these smart models fashioned with the charming details so reminiscent of preppy sportswear. The shirtdress to the left with rounded edges can be worn over trousers or solo for two assuredly sharp looks. Equally tempting is the fetching tunic in dusty pink poplin with accentuated crossed empire waist and two-coloured lacing.


The month's must-haves and vintage model

Must-have et modèle rétro du mois  - burda style


The python pattern is all the rage on the catwalk! Merged with a deconstructed pencil skirt with yoke waist gives this model a sleek, chic and sharp look. The vintage model of the month is a Dolce Vita-inspired summer dress with flowy skirt. The fitted bust marvelously contours curves while the frilled neckline dresses the shoulders. This revamped 1954 style is the essence of femininity.

All these models can be found in the May issue, released April 19!