It's the kick-off of the summer season! This June issue is a journey through various rousing worlds and cosmopolitan cultures. We begin our travels with the gorgeous Gypsy scarf print dress—this month's it piece! Unwind in complete serenity and bask in the sun as you wear this trendy boho collection. Let's turn to this cute and casual model combining tartan and gingham, a sweet roll back to the swingin' fifties. Strutting not far behind is the coquette vintage romper so hard not to covet. Afterwards, we leap towards light, flowy fabrics perfect for hot summer days at work or in town. City slickers will be delighted with this fine choice of refined, contemporary models. Next up, this blend of modern worldly women so wonderfully prevalent in our day is featured through African-inspired patterns printed on summery looks and sultry Latin airs from impeccable cuts in colour or black. Never more elegant. And what's more fun than this sporty kids' collection influenced by the whimsical op art movement?


Summer loving

Amour d'été - burda style


This charming combo of gingham and tartan is a carefree summer look ideal for impromptu jaunts along the coast! Have a blast with these 50s-inspired styles of light and airy waffle weave. The midi length is back thanks to these sweet skirts and sunny frocks. Thick straps, large buttons, and smocking further this fun vintage design. Black and white patterns are revived as we weave the classic colour code with splotches of blues and yellows. Truly trendy and laid back cuts.

Summer in the city

L'été en ville  - burda style


City-dwellers are the first to concur; it's not always easy to dress for success in sweltering heat! This collection of refined models with subtly artful touches was designed with soft, adaptable fabrics such as cotton, viscose, and silk to ensure a light and comfortable feel for the summer months. Clear block or duo colours make this modern attire simply elegant.

Culture club

Culture club - burda style


The cosmopolitan world is a glorious mix of modernity and tradition. Ethnic and oh so chic. This multicultural fusion opens us up to new worlds, new tastes, and delightfully new fashions. These gorgeous pieces are inspired by the professional women of our day as they introduce Aztec motifs, African patterns, vibrant colours, and subtle details for an impressive and swanky look.


Southern Colours

Couleurs du Sud - burda style


Vivid colours and regal black, for a truly Latin mood. Is anything sultrier than this? These classy cuts, as found in the magnificently peppy blazer to the left or the sublime black jersey portfolio dress to the right, are an authentic taste of a distinct and audacious look. You're sure to be a head-turner with the exquisite loops, dainty frills, and additional saucy accessories featured on these enticing models.


Street art

Street ART  - burda style


Let's pop into to this colourfully cheerful realm, full of sensational designs and positive energy! It's always a pleasure to see kids happy and smiling in hip and comfortable designs. A sporty touch is added to these simple models, such as the matching shirt and short combo worn by the little man to the left. Snazzy patterns inspired by op art illustrations are romping it up like the youthful tent dress in splotched colour as seen on mademoiselle to the right. Can be found in sizes 98-122 and body 68-92.


The month's must-have and vintage model

Must-have et modèle rétro du mois  - burda style


A true trend of the 80s, this scarf print dress is our month's must-have! This bohemian design captures our heart even 20 years later with its vibrant and dynamic colours over a flowy winged skirt. The lovely crossed bust is a bold statement while the comfortable bat sleeves open to the side. We then jump to 1958 with this iconic beachwear romper. This darling model is cosy and casual with waist smocking to accentuate the figure, as the edges are lined with eye-catching lace.  


All these models can be found in the May issue, released May 17!