Magical lights decorate the streets and the smells of cinnamon and gingerbread warm the heart. It’s finally the Christmas season! With this last issue of the year, you can create gorgeous outfits that correspond so well with this festive atmosphere. The first collection, a casual ensemble for Mom and daughter is emblematic of cosiness and joy—perfect for those warm and welcoming holiday moments. What follows is a luxurious blend of navy and honey shades to create timeless and charming pieces for a very elegant winter. Where do we go next? The mountains! The third collection matches the air of those vintage log cabins we all dream of visiting during the snowy months. Cropped coats, thick knit sweater dresses, and Norwegian patterns galore: rock the seventies vibe with these great cosy pieces. And as for the plus collection? Well, it’s simply glamorous! Soft satins and graceful fabrics for sizes 44-52 finish off some incredibly chic and feminine cuts. The it piece of the month reveals to be both classic and undeniably modern: tuxedo trousers fashioned with a contrasting side band along the leg! As for the retro model? Swooning ensured with this deeply elegant dress reminiscent of an autumn-winter cut from 1955. It’s a touch of sparkle and a whole lot of class. The Burda Style team wishes you a wonderful holiday season!

Have a Holly Jolly Holiday Party

Belles fêtes de Noël - Burda style décembre


No bells and whistles here: these pieces are a nod to a remarkably comfortable and warm winter setting. Discreet and feminine touches adorn these outfits for Mom and daughter alike. The cosy, casual cuts are great to wear during holiday moments with family. We choose to favour pretty floral and kerchief patterns for these wonderful frocks and blouses.


Hey, Honey

Hey Honey - Burda style décembre


A delectable blend of dark blue and honey creates the perfect colour marriage for a chic and swanky winter. Both light and airy, these blouses and dresses are made from fun, breezy fabrics. Skirts, coats, blazers, and tops—the whole wardrobe is there, boasting classy cuts that are subtle and smart.


Très cool

Très cool  - Burda style décembre


Soft knits and comfy accessories are the defining factors of this lovely mountain cabin collection. The combination of sporty accents, thick padded jackets, futuristic knits, Jacquard, and Norwegian patterns is the epitome of a chic look from the 60s and 70s.


It's Party Time

It's party time - Burda style décembre


A marvellous party line for sizes 44-52! Glamorous reds from glossy satins and breath-taking accessories complete this glorious collection. Wear these pieces for any special occasion and you’re sure to be incredibly feminine and elegant. And we can't forget how comfortable these chic cuts are, either!


Must-Have and Retro Model

Must have du mois et modèle rétro - Burda style décembre

We are completely smitten with the must-have model of the month. These elegant tuxedo trousers are adorned with a fun coloured band along the side for that extra touch. It’s a mix of sporty and chic—very in and very fetching. We jump to the opposite side of the spectrum as we admire retro elegance from the 1950s. This dress boasting new and old is so very sophisticated. It’s an ode to a fantastic fairy-tale thanks to the pencil-skirt look, draped bodice, and perfect amount of sparkle.

These models can be found in the December issue of Burda Style, found in shops since November 22nd!