Regardless of what T.S. Eliot might say, April is most certainly not the cruellest month! Celebrate the start of spring with the various collections offered in this month’s issue. Spring showers or sunny skies, we have got you covered! Discover Burda’s exciting international competition and our monthly contest to commemorate Burda Style’s 70th anniversary. You can win a lovely Prym sewing box! The different models to make are lively and feminine. True statement pieces for the arrival of warmer weather. Our “In the Mood for Spring” collection is a wardrobe composed of classy, urban pieces paired with soft colours and gorgeous prints for the coming season. The following selection, an iconic blend of Hollywood classics, takes centre stage for its beauty and grace! What’s next is an ensemble of modern and minimalist cuts for Mom and daughter. “Mini Me” is a duo collection that is perfect for slow, relaxed moments. The dreamy Plus collection this month is an assortment of soft blues and creams in boho style. Easy cuts and sweet, breezy shapes make these models an absolute delight to wear. The vintage model of the month is a fabulous fifties boulé jacket. What's more, the it piece for April is a spin on the incredible stripe trend! And last but certainly not least, we cannot forget the DIY circle bag for spring. It will go great with all your outfits and is also a wonderful travel companion!

In the Mood for Spring

Sensation de printemps - Burda style avril


Classic, timeless cuts paired with unique patterns and colours give rise to a collection of one-of-a-kind pieces that are perfect for the season! It is the emblem of good times with these warm, gentle hues and fun playful prints. The pieces are cut from breezy fabrics such as viscose, lyocell and cotton blends for relaxed yet put-together look.


Viva la Diva!

Viva la vida ! - Burda style avril


Classic films have inspired these eye-catching pieces. Your wardrobe will be just as iconic as the stars that defined these glamorous looks! Do you have a special occasion coming up? These dresses, tops, jackets and skirts are an absolute must if you want to bask in the limelight! Grace and elegance define this refined collection.


Mini Me

Elle et moi - Burda style avril


This collection of earthy apparel is made up of relaxed pieces for Mom and daughter. Composed of pleasant and beautiful fabrics, the cuts flatter any figure and are the quintessence of an idyllic look. These breezy and minimalist cuts are adorned with pockets, darts, and twisted straps for a playful wardrobe in perfect harmony with comfort.


New Horizons

Nouveaux horizons - Burda style avril


Gauzy shades of blue and beige blend together to create ultra-feminine looks that give rise to a special boho style. Fresh and airy fabrics highlight soft feminine curves for a subtly romantic look. Flounces, batik prints, panel inserts, and an oh-so trendy maxi skirt are just a few of the special pieces of this collection fit for home or holiday! Wanderlust, anyone? Models are for sizes 44-52.


The Vintage Model and It Piece of the Month

Modèle vintage et it-pièce du mois - Burda style avril


The vintage model is simple and elegant, inspired by Burda's September 1958 original. Deep integrated pleats at the back of this boulé jacket give it great volume. This piece brings to mind a somewhat Balenciaga style: confidence, modernity and simplicity! To the right, the it piece of the month is a fun asymmetrical look cut from an exciting striped material. We love it!

All of these models can be found in the April issue of Burda Style, in shops since March 13th!