Beautiful lace, embroidery and romantic frills add just that touch of elegance to this otherwise rustic collection of denim and earthy apparel. It is the quintessence of the 70s with its folksy melodies and idyllic evenings. The result is a unique, chic and laid-back style that will capture the attention of city slickers and country dwellers alike.


Pretty Lace and Long Skirt with Godets

Les robes - Burda Style février 2020


The cropped boxy jacket with tailored collar incorporates large lace cotton embellishments on the bodice and along the flap pockets that give rise to a look that is fresh and feminine. What a gem! And the long-tiered skirt to the right, while emblematic of the 70s, has a particularly modern touch as a result of the beautiful pattern and rounded hem. A true nod to old time ballads!


Embroidered Dress and Refined Jeans

Les robes - Burda Style février 2020


This Lyocell fabric reminiscent of rugged denim is finely contrasted with romantic frills and accessorized embroidery that line the split neckline of this pretty frock. Even those most resistant to frills cannot help but be won over thanks to this dress’ blend of femininity and rusticism. The gorgeous and classic pair of black denim jeans boasts a high waist and a loose fit. A fun nod to the 80s, these jeans are adorned with vibrant topstitching around the waist and the back pockets.


Breezy Tunic and Buttoned Trapeze Skirt

Les robes - Burda Style février 2020


Two go-to items in any woman's wardrobe: this breezy tunic and trapeze skirt. This tunic in airy viscose sets itself apart thanks to the two wide, rounded and gathered necklines and the slit closed by two tassel ties. The particularly 70s-style trapeze skirt to the right, buttoned from top to bottom, is adorned with a braided belt that threads through loops around the waist. Classic and perfect for any occasion!

 All of these models can be found in the March issue of Burda Style, in shops since February 14th!