Your wish is our command: we are working hard and doing our best to keep you happy! This summary issue is just the thing to keep joy reigning this season. Discover for Burda’s 70's years the different steps of our magazine design process, from creation up until it reaches your fingertips!

“Happiness and Joy” is enough to describe the theme of our first collection. It is made up of fun colours and casual styles for an incredible summer look!

We then jet over to a tropical paradise, “Under the Palm Trees.” Here, our Hawaiian shirts are sure to make an amazing summer statement. These feminine cuts are relaxed yet super chic. And do not forget about a fabulous shirt for him!

Blue was this year’s hand-picked colour, making this “Blue on Blue” collection an absolute must. We love the fresh summer choices hailing from a selection of our preferred shades, with the posh navy blue being a particular favourite.

A blast to the past in the 50s is evident in our Plus collection for sizes 44-52. Glamor, sophistication, and grace are synonymous with these curve-hugging models that know just how to highlight your best assets.

Chic and comfortable double gauze is the go-to fabric for this incredible collection for boys and girls in sizes 104-128.

The vintage model is a lovely, light, and flirty pink top inspired by a favourite 1959 model. Our it piece of the month is a revamped white blouse in openwork cotton and fashioned with tiny frills.


Happiness and Joy

Gaieté et bonheur


This collection is an assortment of summary pieces perfect for spending time in the beautiful outdoors while staying beautiful and comfortable. Shades are bright and fun and are sure to light up your complexion. Flowered prints, snazzy tops, and relaxed cuts are the anthem of this gorgeous collection. These pieces are made from breezy fabrics such as viscose, muslin and lyocell for a delightfully fresh fit.



Under the Palm Trees

sous les palmiers


Hawaiian prints are making their come back with updated patterns of palm trees, exotic fruit, and lush plant life for a modern twist on an old favourite! Style and elegance go hand in hand with this great collection. Bermudas and shorts are incredibly posh thanks to tasteful cuts and shapes. Dresses and tops are perfect pieces to wear at home or the office, such as the stunning pencil dress to the left. What's more? A classic Hawaiian shirt for him is also part of this great collection!



Blue on Blue

Bleu sur bleu


The collection is a testament to style thanks to this classy blend of blue hues. Different shades complement these seemingly simple yet highly polished models. Sequins, gauzy fabrics, and silky looks add just that touch of sophistication to all these lovely pieces. Do not be afraid to mix up a few of your favourites from the series, they’ll go great together!



Best of the 50s

Best of 50es


Highlight your gorgeous figure with this 50s-inspired collection. Bombshell, anyone? These frocks are fashioned with skirts that are simply fit for frolicking and focus on your very best assets. Sweeping necklines blended with comfortably fitted bodices prove to be yet another way to show off your curves. The pieces are flirty and feminine, boasting sashes around the bust and pretty pagoda sleeves. This entire collection can be made for sizes 44-52.



So Soft!

Tout doux


Double gauze is loved by kids and parents alike! This incredible fabric has made a true come back in the world of kids’ fashion thanks to its endless comfort and diversity. It truly makes any style look good! This cannot be truer with this gender-neutral collection. Pieces are light and airy and show just the right pop of colour. Models are for sizes 104-128.



The It Piece and Vintage Model

It-pièce du mois et modèle vintage


Frequent on catwalks this summer season, the it piece of the month shakes things up by reinventing the timeless white cotton blouse! Our modernized piece will be a favourite to wear for the warmer months. A full placket down the front gives it a slightly dressed-up style as the tiny frills on the sleeves and side add a very feminine touch. Our vintage piece of the month is inspired by a 1959 model. We are swooning over the fabulous pink of this top as well as its box pleats and decorative buttons!

All of these models can be found in the June issue of Burda Style, in shops since May 15th!