Revel in lush pine forests amongst the sounds of chirping cicadas as you wear these warm and rich tones! Breezy fabrics are perfect for the summer heat and radiate a relaxed and bohemian air in prints of lovely English red and paisley. These soft and carefree cuts demonstrated in kimonos, frocks or tunics sport eye-catching embellishments for the ideal added touch. This plus collection is all about feeling good, slow living, and celebrating the feminine form!


Ornamental Kimono and Tunic

Kimono fantaisie et tunique    
 - Burda Style juillet 2019


This kimono is easy to wear for any shape and slips well over any piece. Wear it how you wish, whether it is loose and open at the left in viscose or closed and secured with a sash. Colours pop as a result of the delicate braided contours. You cannot get much more bohemian with the two-toned sleeve cuffs and large flowy bottom. And why not show off your gorgeous shoulders with the stunning tunic to the right? The paisley printed viscose goes so well with this oh-so-trendy smocked Carmen neckline of the season. The three quarter length sleeves are adorned with a generous loose frill at the bottom.


Kimono and Dress

Ensemble jean et tunique, robe à rayures     
 - Burda Style juillet 2019


Being beautiful is effortless in these two easygoing pieces! The kimono is a stylish take on a simple and brilliant piece thanks to its ravishing paisley print. Breezy and light, the long demi-train gracefully flows out from the back of the cut. The dress at the right is a piece of cake to make—and so fun so wear! In the inverted trapeze-cut fashion, it's flattering for every shape while highlighting your natural assets. The tied sash adds fullness to the skirt and delicately features a pronounced waist.


Jeans & Tunic Ensemble and Striped Frock

Kimono et robe  
 - Burda Style juillet 2019


What’s more stylish than a fresh take on a classic look? The sweet fringe at the hem of these 7/8 length jeans is a lovely accessory to show off bare ankles as you're frolicking in fields! The pant legs can be clasped at the sides. We adore the contrast of the topstich with the Indian-inspired paisley print silk tunic. Collarbones peek out from the pintuck cut as the raglan sleeves add a subtle something extra. The cotton tunic dress to the right is also inspired by traditional Indian dress. The long vertical stripes lengthen the shape of this unfitted cut and are  complemented well by the horizontal furrows at the front. Delicate flowered lace adorn the hem of the frock and the sleeves whilst the tiny slits at the sides open up for an airy feel. Femininity and comfort assured!